Happy New Year 2019!

Just a quick post to kick off the year and say a massive thank you to all the support I have received from followers of this website, I really do appreciate it. Alas, due to a massive workload at the current time (and also because this is not currently a commercial website and is not my full time job) I will be putting the monthly blog on pause for a while. I originally only intended to build this site as a single, one-stop place to put all my folio and projects and that was fairly straightforward to achieve. As a completely unintended side effect of that, I ended up writing a few blog posts here and there about shooting in Bangkok and Thailand and these seemed to be very well received all over the web and I got a huge amount of input and requests from people all over the place wanting me to do some more. I was only too happy to oblige and I still think that it’s hopefully not to arrogant to say that my original ‘Photographer’s Guide to Bangkok, Thailand’ (click the banner at the top of the page) is still probably the most informative and useful attempt at such a work anywhere on the web.

Following on from that over the last couple of years, I have really enjoyed providing the detailed ‘Places to shoot in Bangkok’ guides to add to that. If you haven’t read the full guide and then all of these successive chapters on this blog then please do go back and catch up. If you are planning to shoot here there is a lot of local knowledge and info to be found within.

The geeking out over the mainly analogue gear used was another interesting sideline that just happened to come about as a result of all this and seems to be something that many of you also have enjoyed, at least the sheer number of emails received from you all specifically pertaining to this would certainly seem to suggest that much. Glad to see I’m not alone. In fact, from the Thai side of things at least, there just happened to be a really big boost to all things film photography really kicking off into full swing during the last few years that I have been doing this and this was nice to see.

Therefore to sum up, this whole thing ended up being something of a surprise and an enjoyable focus (pun not necessarily intended) for my own photography in recent years. It’s has been nice to help share some knowledge and help others along the way and I suspect that I will return here to the blog to continue with this endeavour in the future. It’s not goodbye forever, just au revoir for the time being, and certainly for at least 2019 as I simply have too many commitments and not enough time to do everything at present. Keep shooting film and please do get in touch at the address at the bottom of the page anytime…I’m always here and always happy to help. Thank you all so much.