I was featured on Japan Camera Hunter

I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of my older work was recently featured on the well-known and much respected http://www.japancamerahunter.com website ( based in , you guessed it, Japan).

Bellamy Hunt is the British expat behind the website and he is a pretty well-known guy in the world of film cameras and sales. His fantastic site is primarily used for his business whereby he personally goes out and sniffs out any specific second hand film camera that you may be hankering for from Japan’s incredible second hand market. He then carefully packs and ships it you anywhere in the world for a modest fee. He’s been at this lark for quite some time now and seems to have earned himself a stellar reputation as one of the premier go-to guys in this line of work and locale. You can see him in action on various youtube clips here and there. The bloke knows his stuff.

His website also has no end of useful accessories for the film shooter and even has a film product that Bellamy himself had input with and has been currently presented under the branding of‘JCH Streetpan’ films. By all means, I highly recommend checking his site out to the fullest. I’m grateful to Bellamy for featuring me and my work.

Said work on JCH from this website can be seen along with a brief supporting essay here, appearing a little differently from how it normally looks (not in a bad way):